Journey into the Future – Videocast Series

The future is here – AI, Robotics, VR are growing at quantum speed. People have a choice – to be disrupted or to embrace change. Are you ready, uncertain or simply confused? Join Jennifer Vessels and Thomas Anglero, an AI, robotics innovation expert, on a Journey into the Future – an interactive videocast in which they share the latest insights on technology developments, impact  on business, jobs and society and how people can thrive today into the future.

Episode #4

AI vs Gen-Z, Millennials, & Boomers: Who Will Be The Winner?

Jennifer and Thomas discuss the evolving perspective on artificial intelligence (AI), its potential integration into various aspects of the workplace, and the challenges of building an AI team. They also explored the generational differences in technology usage, the importance of leadership, and the potential of AI to improve communication and efficiency.

Episode #3

Adapt, Disrupt or Die: What is Your Strategy?

This episode addresses the challenges technology like AI brings to corporate culture and what leaders can do to prepare themselves. Thomas discusses the latest in AI and Robotics while highlighting the increase in the speed of change. Jennifer gives specific advice as to what leaders should be thinking, talking about, and considering to prepare for a future of even more changes.

Episode #2

AI Powered Society – What Should Leaders Do and Implement Now??

Jennifer begins the episode by focusing on the innovations that are coming such as AI and how leaders should prepare to prosper. She gives examples of what leaders should do and which jobs will be first affected by the technological changes that are here today. Thomas discussed “Embodied AI” which is the merger of AI and Humanoid Robotics and explains how the shift from humans to Embodied AI will occur in 2024 with  Top Fortune 50 companies already ordering them.

Episode #1

New Reality for Business Leaders – What is Going to Happen in 2024+

This insightful session explores the latest disruptive technologies and how they change the business landscape. Our expert speakers share their stories, experiences, and insights on embracing change and staying ahead of the curve and includes insider tips, case studies, and examples of how disruptive technologies are transforming companies and industries.

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