Connecting People to Future Success

Jennifer Vessels has led growth and transformation for global leaders including Adobe, Cisco, Google, Genentech, RaboBank.  As CEO of Next Step and founder of Executive Growth Alliance (EGA) – an international community of F100 companies, she lives in the center of change, creating the future of work – with technology and people.

From her early career in technology sales, product management and global sales operations for UB Networks through leadership of Tandberg’s international business, Jennifer’s vision, energy and commitment delivered results.

Delivering proven tools, guidelines and inspiration for people to:

  • Embrace change, innovate while delivering shareholder value
  • Apply AI and other advanced technology within the business
  • Transform and build a future-ready organization
  • Empower people through humane leadership, re-skilling and technology
  • Accelerate growth through AI and co-creation with customers
  • Lead through change with PEACE™

Having earned  an MBA from San Jose State University, Jennifer completed a MS in Occupational Psychology University London. Upon returning to Silicon Valley in 2000 with expansion of Tandberg USA, she founded Next Step. Her team of 40 professionals have facilitated successful growth and transformation for Adobe, Autodesk, Google, Nvidia and hundreds of clients across all industries in Americas, EMEA, Asia.

Jennifer’s optimistic view of the future includes exponential growth of technology and fundamental changes in society, business and ‘work’.  Believing that people will become increasingly valuable in this new world, she provides inspiration and a road map for navigating change and inas well as the increasing value of people.

Today is a tipping point – economically, geopolitically, environmentally and technologically –  people are under pressure to deliver, adapt and engage. Jennifer’s bold insights, real-world lessons learned from Silicon Valley and actionable takeaways such as her PEACE methodology make Jennifer the ideal speaker for global audiences seeking inspiration and tools for future success.

Speeches and workshops are each customized to fully address audience needs and can be offered in person or virtually.

The future is here – move from pressure to PEACE™ by booking now for your next event.

“Adobe’s business model transformation could not been done without Jennifer and her team’s creativity, innovation and commitment.”
Lisa Graham, Adobe
“It’s unusual for a speaker to be so dedicated to delivering results – more than a talk – you gave us PEACE and a proven roadmap to future success.”
Randy Smith, Cisco
“Jennifer’s inspiration and guidance propelled me to pursue and succeed in my life-long dream of career growth.”
Sandra Klein, Parts Authority